August 08 2018

This summer, the Thompson family gathered our company and community to recognize the last 50 years of Trans-Matic shaping the deep draw industry.

If you ask founder Pat Thompson about the last 50 years, he’ll tell you Trans-Matic shifted the culture of deep draw metal stamping away from Waterbury, Connecticut and towards Holland, Michigan. At the anniversary celebration on June 18, local deep draw industry leaders joined Pat Thompson to reminisce on that evolution.

Community members listened in as Pat sat down with Drawform founder Ron Griffith and Leslie Brown, chairman of the board at Metal Flow Corp. Together, the three reflected on the friendly rivalry of these three companies and the ways they urged one another on towards innovation. The story Pat, Ron and Leslie shared revealed the ways in which these three companies not only transformed the deep draw industry, but also carved out a place for Holland, MI in the world of manufacturing.

According to Pat, Ron and Leslie, none of them had an inkling of where the next 50 years would lead, but they all agreed that their companies’ proximity to one another pushed each towards success. As a whole, the deep draw industry deeply shaped the character of Holland.

Listening in were local leaders like U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, Holland Mayor Nancy DeBoer, Michigan Economic Development Corp. CEO Jeff Mason and Lakeshore Advantage President Jennifer Owens, all of whom took a moment to thank Pat and P. J. Thompson for the ways Trans-Matic has invested in the local community. From strengthening the economy to supporting new building initiatives and investing in community programming, leaders honored Trans-Matic for carrying a deep sense of responsibility for the Holland community.

In the words of P. J. Thompson, that commitment only makes sense:

“Community is a really big part of Trans-Matic’s success. We found that to be true with our start in Holland, Michigan, and we have watched that theme continue to play out with our facilities in Mesa, Arizona; Suzhou, China; and Monterrey, Mexico.”

After hosting the community, Trans-Matic threw a private party for employees and their families. The event was designed to draw everyone together, and to express gratitude for the role each employee has played in strengthening the company. With cookies, cakes, a rootbeer float station and ice cream donated from Hudsonville Ice Cream, employees had a chance to celebrate where the company has been and where it is heading. They were also able to lead their families on self-guided tours of the company, sharing their work with those who matter most.

The day closed out with smiles, laughter and a strong Michigan summer rain, all signs of the company’s bright hopes for the next 50 years.

For a deeper look at Trans-Matic’s story over the last 50 years, we invite you to explore the brand new Legacy page of our website, which captures the heart of our company and the men and women who have helped establish the mission, values and principles that make us who we are.


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