August 08 2018

Trans-Matic’s 9th Annual Apprenticeship Dinner

Each summer, Trans-Matic gathers our apprenticeship graduates from around the globe to recognize their hard work, developed skill and accomplishment. On June 20, 2018, the tradition continued. This year, we hosted graduates from all four of our facilities: Holland, Michigan; Mesa, Arizona; Monterrey, Mexico and Suzhou, China. With their department heads and mentors present to mark the completion of the 4-year apprenticeship process, each graduate spent time highlighting the key projects they have worked on over the last year as well as the skills they have gained through the program. It was an evening of celebration and pride for both our graduates and our company, drawing together 80 different participants in the program.

The apprenticeship program at Trans-Matic first began in 1974, setting the national standard for training in the deep draw industry. Modeled after leading programs in Germany, Trans-Matic’s 4-year program meets the national accreditation standards in the United States, includes 7 different unit rotations and represents 8,000 hours of labor for every graduate. From production to tooling, engineering, advanced techniques and quality assurance, Trans-Matic ensures each apprentice gains a comprehensive understanding of the components we create and the various levels of the company.

As a company, we believe investing in our people contributes to the enduring longevity and vision of Trans-Matic. Technical Training Supervisor Shane Headley puts it strongly, “Without this source of cultivated talent, there wouldn’t be a Trans-Matic. The apprenticeship program provides assurance for our future as a company and gives us the ability to keep our trade going.”

For the employees who graduate, the program carries additional significance. In the words of one graduate: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this experience. The apprenticeship program has led me from a job to a career.”

Trans-Matic’s executive team, founder Pat Thompson and President P.J. Thompson were all in attendance at the celebration banquet, eager to cheer on the next generation of Trans-Matic toolmakers. We all understand these future toolmakers make us who we are, and they’ve earned our deepest gratitude and respect. Congratulations to the graduated toolmakers of 2018 and to the families and community who have supported you each step of the way.