December 12 2018

Trans-Matic Receives Robert Bosch NAFTA Outstanding Supplier Award

On November 12th, 2018 Trans-Matic had the honor of traveling to Chicago, IL to receive the 2018 NAFTA Outstanding Supplier Award from Robert Bosch. We are thankful to receive this award for the second consecutive year.

Robert Bosch is one of Trans-Matic’s largest customers and the relationship has been growing for over 3 decades. Trans-Matic actively manufactures components and sub-assemblies for Bosch that are utilized in ABS braking, emission control, fuel injection, and more. We were one of 17 suppliers to win this award from a supply base of 10,000+. Trans-Matic has many of its employees to thank for reaching this great achievement. Join us in celebrating.


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About Trans-Matic

Founded in 1968, Trans-Matic was the first deep draw metal stamping company in western Michigan. Starting out with only two presses, Pat Thompson built the company on a simple premise: to provide high-quality, reliable metal stamping of the highest caliber across a diversified market. Since then, we’ve developed a seasoned, global team of toolmakers, engineers, die designers and support personnel. Together, our team has earned an international reputation for customer loyalty. With state-of-the-art high-speed transfer presses that range from 5 to 600 tons, we can accommodate complex geometries and configurations without costly secondary processes.