Women of Excellence In Metal Forming

Trans-Matic congratulates two of our employees for being recognized as Women of Excellence in the Metal Forming Industry: Jessica Bloor and Kim Slazek.

These annual awards held by PMA and MetalForming Magazine work to acknowledge the growing representation and opportunities for women in manufacturing. Based on a report compiled by the trade association Women in Manufacturing and Thomas, only 1 in 4 manufacturing leaders are women. The report acknowledges that there is a positive correlation between the number of women in leadership positions and the number of female employees in the organization. Companies, including ours, should strive to continue to diversify for future growth and success.

Trans-Matic would like to thank the many women in our organization for their hard work and dedication to help make Trans-Matic a global leader in deep drawn metal stampings. Over 50 years operating as a family-owned business, we’ve locked in on the things that matter in order to produce components that are technically sophisticated and essential to our customer’s needs. That’s why we pursue opportunities that help our people grow, our partners thrive, our production expand, and our business stay sustainable. And that’s why we’re built to last.