Prototypes & Tooling


Upfront design and development to ensure your part is the right part.

With a team of dedicated, experienced design engineers and toolmakers, Trans-Matic can provide complete tooling and prototype design, tool build and production manufacturing capabilities for your deep drawn metal parts.

Our experience, capability, and resources allow us to not only produce prototypes quickly and efficiently, but also utilize tooling methods that can be duplicated in a production environment.  This not only helps shorten our customers time to market, but also yields prototypes that closely mirror production which enables a more robust engineering development and testing process.

Our in-house engineers use finite element analysis (FEA) software to predict metal flow at the early stages of a part, before tool design and build even begin. This ensures that final designs reflect a metal stamping that will meet your precise specifications. All of Trans-Matic’s parts adhere to the highest tolerances and strictest quality standards.


In-house Toolmaking and Engineering

When designing our tooling and dies, we utilize 3D solid modeling software to guarantee tight tolerances and dimensional accuracy. We also operate two dedicated tooling rooms within our three production facilities and have the capacity to provide tool design and tool build for all of our metal stamping processes. This allows us to closely monitor all processes and ensure that the resulting tool designs and tool builds meet our strict quality standards. In addition, it means we can produce parts locally, working with our clients directly in their region throughout the entire design process.

Trans-Matic can incorporate in-die sensors within the press to determine part feature presence, pressure decay, tool wear, and dimensional capability.


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