Prototypes and Tooling


Upfront design and development to ensure your part is the right part.

Prototyping is a highly refined process that requires innovation, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Creating custom prototypes—and the tooling required to produce them—allows design engineers to identify flaws or defects in the component before going to mass production.

Custom prototyping saves time, materials, and money while producing finished products of superior quality. At Trans-Matic, we offer state-of-the-art prototyping, tooling, and other metal forming solutions to meet your precise needs at competitive prices.

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Metal Forming Capabilities

Metal forming is a type of metal fabrication process that involves reshaping metals without melting them. Avoiding the added challenges of handling molten materials, this process relies on the plasticity of certain metals.

A common type of metal forming is stamping, whereby a press creates creases or indentations in sheet metal. Operators feed the sheet metal in the slot between the top and bottom of the press, which can operate on mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic power. Stamping is effective for custom prototyping as well as high-volume production runs. 

Similar to stamping, deep drawing is a metal forming process where sheet or plate metal is pressed between an upper and lower die to create complex geometries, including heights that are equal to or greater than the width.

There can be hundreds of parts in a single 3D prototype, so the prototyping process must be as streamlined as possible. By utilizing finite element analysis (FEA) software to work with prototype materials like copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, Trans-Matic can help you quickly create identical parts at high volumes, reduce time to market, and produce high-quality, precise components.


In-house Toolmaking and Engineering

To make custom deep-drawn prototype parts, custom tooling is required. Effective custom tooling allows your parts to meet exact specifications. At Trans-Matic, we design and build custom tooling using innovative 3D modeling software in our two tooling rooms and three fully-equipped production facilities. 

As a leading custom tooling manufacturer, we closely monitor the entire process to ensure the final products strictly adhere to our quality standards. As a result, our metal forming tools can achieve very tight tolerances, high dimensional accuracy, and top quality at an affordable cost.


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Custom tooling and metal prototyping allow companies to improve their product design and production capabilities. Since 1968, Trans-Matic has served businesses at all scales and across industries, providing innovative metal forming and prototyping solutions. Our in-house operations guarantee high quality and precision throughout every production run. To learn more about our metal forming, prototyping, and custom tooling capabilities, contact us today.