Contact Transmatic Building partnerships with our suppliers

Trans-Matic strives to build beneficial, productive relationships with our suppliers. We provide the supporting documents below as a means of developing common processes and procedures to help achieve this goal.

Our customers expect quality products and services, at a fair price, and on-time, every time. We hope our suppliers will work to meet these requirements as well. Our competitive environment demands zero defects and 100% on-time delivery as the standard, not just the goal. We hold ourselves to these high standards and require our supply base to meet the same objectives.

Click the links below for our manuals and supporting documentation.

Supplier Manual
Terms of Purchase – United States
Terms of Purchase – Mexico
OSP PPAP Checklist
Purchasing PPAP Checklist
PPAP Checklist Material

Packaging Specifications

Click on the applicable press group below for correct packaging specifications.

Holland, MI Packaging
105 1212 15DS 2012 200 1512 Pkg Specs
325 337 345 437 551 560 612 814 0087A 3814
3814C Pkg Spec
3105A 136_Servo Pkg Specs
510 512 1012 Pkg Specs
400 1056A 337_SERVO Pkg Specs
600 Pkg Specs
150PD Pkg Specs
150PD NON KV Pkg Specs
160PD Pkg Specs
200PD Pkg Specs
060PD Pkg Specs
100PD Pkg Specs

Suzhou, CN Packaging

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