Lock and Builders Hardware


After all this time, we’re still unlocking new value for our clients.

Trans-Matic is an industry leader in hardware metal stamping for lock and builder’s hardware. With a thorough knowledge of the specifications and industry requirements for builder’s hardware, our deep draw stamping engineers serve as a significant asset to our customers. We take the time to understand our customers’ specific needs, partnering with you to create the best parts for your needs.

Trans-Matic’s industry experience and highly efficient manufacturing services provide cost-effective custom metal stamping solutions. Due to the sensitive nature of some builder’s hardware designs, we guarantee complete confidentiality as your designs are developed and your builder’s hardware stampings are processed.

Deep Draw Expertise

Trans-Matic’s commitment to continuous improvement and process quality control ensure that we can meet the tight tolerances your deep draw metal stampings require. Your project will benefit from our extensive deep draw knowledge and our understanding of the physical and mechanical properties of the metals and alloys used in builder’s hardware stampings.

We produce custom metal stampings for builder’s hardware from stainless steel, low carbon steel, rolled steel, and brass; multiple grades of each are available to meet your unique requirements. We also assist clients in the selection of materials and grades, as well as the process design for manufacturing your components.

Trans-Matic’s Lock And Builder Parts


 lock chassis and latch components, turn buttons.


door closure housings, lock chassis and latch components, turn buttons.


hardware, drawer slides, trim components.


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