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With experience working with many grades of metal, Trans-Matic serves a wide range of industries. Our metal stamping processes ensure that we produce the precise part you need in the most efficient way possible. Our quality assurance and non-destructive testing gives you confidence that we ship high quality parts. We can produce custom deep drawn parts in lengths up to 12” (300mm) and in material thicknesses up to 0.180” (4.5mm). Depending on the length-to-diameter ratio, several draws may be required to create your parts. Based on your component design, we will determine which stamping method is best for your unique project.
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Transfer Presses

Trans-Matic has 110 different transfer presses ranging from 5 to 600 tons. This range enables us to match your part to an ideal press based on initial blank size and part length. We also take into consideration number of stations, tonnage required, press speed (strokes per minute), machine energy, and auxiliary equipment capability. Transfer presses enable greater length-to-diameter ratios for deep drawn parts. This means we utilize less material, making parts more cost effective than progressive die technology.
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Progressive Die Presses

Our progressive die presses range from 60 to 500 tons. While Trans-Matic creates the majority of deep drawn parts with transfer presses, we use progressive die presses to craft shallow parts for a variety of applications. Our machines also utilize state of the art press technology to maximize efficiency. Whether your part is produced with a transfer press or a progressive die press, we guarantee you’ll receive the highest quality stamped parts.

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Prototype, Tool Design & Tool Build

We offer our services to design, visualize, modify, craft, and deliver the very best parts to our customers. Through finite element analysis (FEA) software, our in-house engineering team can predict metal flow at the early stages of a part, before tool design and build even begin. This ensures that final designs reflect a custom metal stamping that meets your precise specifications. All of Trans-Matic’s deep drawn parts adhere to the highest tolerances and strictest quality standards.
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Advanced Product Development

Trans-Matic provides specialists to accommodate the specific needs and dynamics of your product. We discuss part requirements with you while still at the conceptual stages. Our team includes engineers accredited in value analysis and design. These services play an essential role in reducing cost for our customers—from redesigning expensive screw machine parts to prototyping deep drawn parts for a variety of applications.
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Assembly & Value Add Solutions

Trans-Matic provides process complete parts, saving our customers the added expense of multiple vendors and eliminating transit and shipping times for a multiple-part process. Our services include non-destructive part testing, threading, crimping, boring, laser and resistance welding, and fully automated assembly.
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