Deep Draw Stamping for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry relies on durable parts to prevent leaks, breakage, or failure in rugged applications. As such, this sector commonly uses deep draw stamping to make high-performance components. Deep drawing is a high-quality yet economical way to produce metal components efficiently. An alternative to expensive methods that use more material and multi-process machining, such as casting, tubing, and other stamping techniques, deep draw stamping can save on time and expenditures. It allows manufacturers to perform multiple complex procedures on the same machine as part of a single process.

Learn more about the deep draw stamping procedure and the benefits it has to offer applications in the automotive market.

Deep Draw Stamping Process

Deep draw stamping utilizes a forming die, a blank holder, and a flat metal sheet to generate parts that typically have depths greater than their diameters. The blank holder keeps the sheet metal workpiece on the die via compressive force, preventing it from moving around during the process. A punching tool presses down against the metal workpiece, deforming it by pushing it into the die cavity to produce the desired shape. Most often, this configuration consists of a hollow component with one open side. Deep draw stamping equipment can utilize multiple stations to further draw, shape, trim, and add additional features to the workpiece.

Benefits of Deep Draw Stamping in the Automotive Industry

Automobile manufacturing is among the largest markets for deep-drawn parts as it offers this industry numerous advantages. The stamp automotive process is cost-effective and produces a wide variety of precision components in various sizes, shapes, and degrees of complexity.

Deep-drawn automotive components possess a solid, durable wall surrounding their full diameter, which creates a seamless structure. This enables deep-drawn parts to be leak-resistant, waterproof, and airtight, making them more reliable under tough operational and environmental conditions. Strain hardening takes place in the material during deep drawing. Also known as work hardening and cold working, strain hardening is the plastic deformation-based process of reducing ductility and making metals stronger and harder for rugged applications. 

The deep draw stamping method is supremely efficient and economical for high-volume production. Additionally, the process and its equipment offer greater flexibility for incorporating secondary operations, decreasing the need for external processes and their associated costs.

Applications of Deep Draw Stamping

Deep draw stamping has a myriad of applications within the automotive sector. Some common examples include: 

  • Inflators and diffusers for airbags
  • ABS brake modules
  • Thermostat connections and fittings
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Fuel pump components
  • Injector cups
  • Bayonet sockets
  • Leak-proof liquid storage vessels
  • Connectors

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